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Nicole B.

June 26, 2016

I am ... A Survivor

Hello My name is Nicole B,

And I had a stroke July 8th 2015!!!! On January 10th, 2015I took ill at work and was rushed to the E.R., where they found nothing. From there on, I kept being sick with respiratory problems, that kept seeming like I had a cold. This was an on and off issue for months, until July 8th, 2015 I suffered a stroke... Once again, doctors told me, "I have no known health issues, I'm young and am in great physical shape". I was diagnosed with Bells Pasly! Two days later I found out that I had actually suffered a stroke. It took 4 months of testing before my doctors found out that I had a mass growing on the back of my heart; this stemmed from my Aortic Valve leaking. On November 30th 2015, I had emergency Open Heart surgery. I am recovering well, but this is just going to be a long road before I am back to the runner and workout queen I once was! My unique story has now made me apart of the zipper club. 


Nicole B

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