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Nancy B.

July 24, 2015

I am ... A Survivor

Everything happened so quickly. One minute I was outside having coffee, and prayers then all of the sudden I felt a pop in my head.  I called for my son to come quick. My head started to hurt. It felt as if someone was hitting me on the back of the neck with a sledgehammer. I was transferred to the University of Cincinnati Hospital where I had brain surgery; clipping for one ruptured aneurysm and another carotid aneurysm.   The friends who have supported and helped me for almost five years are still the bedrocks in my life. My children continue to bless me.   I no longer work as a Chaplain, since I have frequent headaches and fatigue.  I volunteer at a local nursing home a couple hours a week. I love the people who give back so much more.   Acceptance of the new me was the hardest part. I still have opportunities to talk to those who are sick or struggling in some ways just not in a professional manner. I am able to sit down with others who have suffered a stroke and I understand. This is a new part of my life's journey. One day, I am looking forward to going back to school. Though, financially, I have never had less, I am so grateful to see how blessed I am today. God is still an awesome, loving, caring God. I have never asked why me, but what is the next step forward.

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