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Moe D

August 29, 2017

I am ... A Survivor

On July 17, 2017 I experienced something like no other. I was sleeping on the floor and my sister was on the bed. I remember waking up with the worst pain I've ever felt. My right arm and right leg had given out at this point. I tried the best I could to get my sister attention and I could even speak. I managed to get on my knees and with my left hand tried to wake her up. Luckly she woke up and thought I was joking and actually told me to stop playing around. At this point I have no physical energy to get back up. Now I'm black-out. [ My sister ] said she woke up and peeked and asked me if I was okay. I couldn't even respond. Then I began vomited what she thought was wine. With all her effort she dragged me to the bathroom to later realize it was blood. Immediately she knew something was wrong and called 911. When the emergency team arrived they had thought I was having seizures. So I'm still blacked out any sister said she was following the ambulance to the ER when they pulled over because I was having seizures. Anyways I wake up 3 days later confused, with all my family standing there. I remember seeing my dad then everything went blank. I had 7 - 9 more seizures. This point I don't know I long I've been sleeping for. [ They tested for Elpisly, I got lucky I don't have it ] I suffered from Affasia and My right side on my body was numb. I still didn't really know what was happening. Couldn't remember anything. Slowly I became more alive. I wish I could remember my nurses. But all the support from my family and friends made me stronger than ever. I went to rehab after that for 10 days and started walking again. Speech therapy also help me a lot. When I felt rehab and came home 5 days later we thought I was having seizure. So back to the hospital I go. 6 days later I realize it wasn't seizures but I had really bad anxiety that cause me to shake really bad. So I'm here now writing this experience. Excuse my typos or spelling. If there's anything I can say is definitely read and learn about strokes. They can happen to anyone at any time. Strokes can be prevented. Educate your self. Don't Be Sorry, I'm Blessed to share this with you today.

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