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January 12, 2011

I am ... A Survivor

Phyllis is the most dedicated stroke survivor I know. Her stroke was just over 3 years ago and she has not let it stop her at all. She is a very healthy-minded person who runs every day and continues to participate in rehab each day. Before her stroke, Phyllis was the Executive Administrator for a CEO at a large company in Chicago. Phyllis is currently the Secretary of Stroke Survivors Empowering Each Other (SSEEO), a statewide organization in Illinois for survivors and their families. Today, she is organizing a Run/Walk Fundraiser to bring stroke awareness to Northeastern Illinois. She has gathered many of her former colleagues to assist her with the Run/Walk. Phyllis has also been instrumental in bringing SSEEO to the Northeastern area of Illinois, as well as her local Primary Stroke Center in Waukegan. Phyllis has launched SSEEO's Peer Visitor Program at Vista Health Systems in Waukegan. She has visited many patients offering encouragement or an ear to just listen. Phyllis has participated in many speaking engagements speaking on her stroke and stroke awareness and how to prevent strokes. As a stroke survivor, I am in awe of Phyllis. As the President of SSEEO, I cannot say enough about Phyllis. It is my honor to know her and to work with her. She is someone everyone should know. Phyllis is the person all stroke survivors should strive to be.

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