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January 11, 2011

I am ... A Survivor

Prior to my stroke, I was a full-time university professor, and had a successful medical research consulting practice. I suffered a hemorrhagic stoke during the exact mid point of a bicycle race on labor day, 2006, resulting in instant paralysis of my left arm and leg, but I managed to finish the last eleven miles of the race, just using my right leg. I finished 8th in my age group, using only my right leg. I really had no idea what was wrong with me, but i knew it was serious when a nurse asked me if i preferred a rabbi or a priest.

I spent two weeks in an ICU before I was transferred to a rehab hospital, where I spent seven weeks relearning how to eat, walk, and dress myself. After being discharged from the hospital, I spent a year and a half at home recuperating, and going to therapy twice a week. In august, 2008 i began working again part-time at the chatham university pace Center as a research counselor, and an academic counselor for MBA students. I am still working there, and am writing an article on evidence-based management

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