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Mark P.

January 12, 2011

I am ... A Caregiver or Family Member

My dad had a stroke on June 2,2010...we (my family) are in the midst of havinf him relearn how to walk and regain the use of his left arm. I work with him 4 days a week by taking time off of work and on weekends. He had a few complications that required surgeries that resulted in painful wound care. He has endured thus far and is progressing each and every day. He is a chemical engineer by trade and luckily has retained his voice and his intellect which is playing a key role in his recovery. It's still a ong road as he is still learning to maintain his balnce on the left keeps getting better and I predict he will walk alone very shortly. I would like to tell our story as I feel a person who sufferes a stroke must be surrounded by support and encouragement and a sort of tough love that allows the patient to fight through the PT and OT that must occur to regain what was lost. I have incorpaorated so many of the stories and treatment regimines I have read and we have gained dividends by implementing them to my dads case. I think it's imporatnt to tell others that with deep devotion and hard work a person can overcome the damge that stroke creates. Sincerely, Mark Prodoehl Wisconsin

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