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January 11, 2011

I am ... A Caregiver or Family Member

Our lives have changed and has given me a wake up call on how life is so precious. Being the spouse of a stroke survivor is not any easier than being the individual affected. Believe me I would not want to be either one, but this is what life has given us for the time being. Being the caregiver is not on what you have to do but is the love and respect you have for your loved one. My wife is only 51 yrs old and has had chronic migranes for years and had come to the resolution that nothing was gonna releive her migranes. That changed until the stroke occured. She had her stroke on my 53rd birthday when I found her in bed not responding. That day I will never forget because it changed both our lives. She had a brain hemmorage and the bleeding stopped without any surgery. Her ability to move her right side was limited to not having the use of her right arm and hand, but with the help of O.T and P.T. we feel strongly she will overcome the disability.The everyday task of making sure she is not having another stroke is a challenge and constant worry for me. I dread sometimes going into our bedroom and finding her in the same state that I did on the November evening. I know how tuff it must be on her and her challenges ahead of her, I sometimes am angry at why this happened to us, but it has made us stronger and even appreciate each other more than we did before. I know everyone says she is getting better but I am the one that see's her struggles when everyone goes home and the doors are closed. It does'nt end there it goes on 24/7. But love concures all.

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