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Lori U.

May 26, 2015

I am ... A Survivor

i was a newlywed of just 10 weeks when i stroked at the age of 39 i was working as a clinical audiologist in an ENT  office.  i  had a new house, new car, new husband in general i great life. however, everthing changed on the morning of january 25th, 1996 i awoke(at 1:30 am) and discovered i could no longer walk thinking it was a dream i went back to sleep the next morning my parents took me to the hospitaland i was admitted by the third day all deficits had resolved 100% i was prepared to go home but at 10:30 am on the fourth day i  had  THE BIG ONE i suffered a grand mal seizure that   lasted for 13 hours i was put into a drug-induced coma went into cardiac arrest my hospital stay totaled 4 months and 4 days because i  had a myriad of complications including numerous drug allergies, a punctured lung fevers,etc i have left side hemiplegia and slurred speech but i was  left with  all my mental faculties in tact. im not a stroke VICTIM  im a stroke SURVIVOR

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