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Lois F.

January 12, 2011

I am ... A Caregiver or Family Member

besides being a care giver Lois is also a group leader.Her husband Klaus suffered his stroke over 4 year's ago. Since I first met Lois, while Klaus was recovering in hospital re hab, she has executed a pit bull tenacity in seeking the best care available for Klaus and a motherly like embrace for caregiver's and survivor's she is introduced to. She unselfishly travel's over 2 hour's to see Klaus exercises at least 2 times a week at our post stroke regimen. During that time she flit's around the hospital putting up notices about our support group or calendar's instructing people about upcoming event's and speaker's at our meeting. While I have no computer skill's along with my predecessor as president, Lois has kept our group aware of national and worldwide issues concerning stroke and research for same. Whether it be veteran's info, modes of transportation, senior or disabled benefit's or just plain human interest stories, Lois dives headlong into these point's of information and bring's our group up to date on where or when. On a personal she partnered with me on a video about stroke and awareness, which we realize will never be shown at Cannes, but thrilled us in it's acceptance by the audience we chose to reach. A Survivor's and caregiver's. Between the video and personal mentoring she does Lois Firzlaff should be a Face Of Stroke. Thank You Bill Dailey

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