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Lenora T.

August 13, 2015

I am ... A Survivor

In August of 2009, I had an eschemic stroke which resulted in an immediate premature disability retirement. I experience balance, coordination, memory and learning issues with partial blindness, numbness, muscle tightness with spasms and pain on the left side of my body. After having my TBI, I was severely depressed, in pain and had lost the desire to live, spending most of the time in bed. I read an article that said 40% of survivors have another stroke within 5 years, and I was convinced I would be a statistic. I would pray that I did not wake up but when I did I was disappointed and felt completely hopeless. After having my stroke I did not get the support I needed, I was too depressed, in pain and didn't have the energy. The purpose of telling my story is to inform and hopefully inspire survivors and families to get the support so crucially needed after something like this occurs. After passing the 6 year mark without another incident, it is my goal to raise money for programs that support and educate all of the heroes (survivors, caretakers & families) who are dealing with TBI on a daily basis. Remember, it is crucial to get the help right away! Please make a donation to help keep programs like this thriving.

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