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January 13, 2011

I am ... A Survivor

I am a four year survivor, I'm involved in two stroke groups. I've keep going on and on to try improve my disabilities.I've had brain surgery to clamp another anyursm in Oct.2009. My surgen said I was his worst patient, no stopping me. I started doing exercises before I should have just to recover sooner. That idea backfired I then had fluid on my brain.So with doing as I was supposed to I recovered.I'm planning on writing a book on my ups and downs of being a stroke survivor,not victum. I think the more people knowof strokes the less there will be. As i know it can happen to anyone any age no matter if you have all of the reasons to be a candidate for a stroke or not, i did'nt and still had a stroke at 48 years old. It would be easy to take the backseat and let my disabilities take over my life, instead I'm am still fighting back and trying new things all the time,one reason i have a broken foot,which is healing. i have alot to be thankful for and love to be a spokeperson for stroke A Survivor. Thank you for considering me. Lea Loschen

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