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Kim C

May 19, 2015

I am ... A Survivor

2004 - 33 yrs old.   Suffered my 1st stroke at home witnessed by my 3 yr old son.  My 1 yr old was in bed.  First stroke was caused by a clot.  At the first hospital,  I received TPA.  This caused a bleed causing the second stroke.  Both strokes were classified as brain stem strokes.  I was left side paralyzed,  throat,  face,  bowel/bladder.  My right eye turned inward towards my nose.  Had to have that surgically repaired.    Lost my balance and now have a slight slur.  Had to learn to re-do everything.  Was on a catheter for 89 days.  I can walk without assistance and drive.  I have been left with a limp.  No big deal with how it could of been.  My biggest issue is balance.  As I get older,  I'm sure I'll need a cane again.  Doesn't matter.  Just happy to be here 11 years later.  It wasn't until the strokes that I found out I have a blood disorder which now has me on Coumadin for life.  I had no warning signs.  Please get checked if you do. Better safe then sorry.

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