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Julius B.

January 13, 2011

I am ... A Survivor

Julius was born with congestive heart disease, and during open heart surgery at 1 years old in 1990 he suffered a mild stroke. What followed was occupational & speech therapies, special education classes in the public school system. By 16, he received his 2nd tramatic brain injury as he was hit by a car at 45 mph while riding his bike and crossing the street in a unmarked intersection where he received life threatening injuries. Thankfully he survived this second medical mishap and went on to work his way back to recovery. He has won several awards, participated in youth leadership programs, graduated from high school and held his job as a courtesy clerk at SAFEWAY supermarket for nearly 3 years. Jamal has persevered although the road has not been easy. He struggles with the repercussions of having a stroke and the limitations it sometimes bring, but with that he still lives in the land of possibilities. He is 20 yrs old, and he is SURVIVOR in every since of the word. Right now he continues to press forward and has applied to the George Mason University of VA LIFE Program and is scheduled to interview for a new job at a warehouse with a FORTUNE 500 Company.

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