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Juliette Lynn F

December 18, 2014

I am ... A Survivor

My name is Juliette Lynn, I am 53 yrs old from NY and I was born and raised there. Cutting to the chase last year actually 2 yrs.' ago. I had a Stroke in my sleep and I was partially paralyzed from the neck down. I had to do everything over guys, walk talk eat everything. It was the most horrific and trying times of my life, scared me to death. And what is even more frightening my father rest his soul came to Harlem Hospital to save me, he told me it is not my time yet!! What man comes back from the dead to save his daughter. I realized he was my angle And no one saw him except me At that exact moment my pressure went from 190 to 180 170 160 150 140 130. I knew that a change was coming. My daughter even said what is going on in your mind must stop, get your heart right Mom.

I left NY to come to sunny Florida to heal because sometimes decisions need to be made to extend one's health. And the sun helped me tremendously. If you live in a stressful environment change it immediately. Leaving my whole world in NY including my 32 yr. old daughter was very traumatizing. I was so depressed last year and there was a cultural clash and big difference between NY and Florida. I cried every night and stayed awake till 5 am every night. Thank goodness for church. I go to church every Sunday and I just graduated from New Disciple Orientation.

Now I am energized, motivated and focused. I wrote a book that I am trying to get published last year called, "Everything to live for", a Stroke Survivors Analogy on how to heal and discussing past relationships that lead to my stroke. Quite frankly I got tired of watching TV and being on Facebook all day. And speaking of Facebook check out my 2nd page called Second Chance. I believe as a black woman that when we are being challenged we as parent must always be in control, to me that is the problem with this society, people loose control. I feel as if that change of attitude changed my life. I was given a 2nd Chance at life. And oh I forgot to mention I always wanted to complete college and guess what on this Monday the 27th I start my first class in Anthropology, I love people. I also want to say have faith that will help and forgiveness you must let it all go, all the bad boyfriends forgive them it will save your life.

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