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Julie, O

January 11, 2018

I am ... A Survivor

On Halloween night 2017, I was trick-or-treating with my daughter and I suddenly started to lose vision in my right eye.  I wasn't sick, nor dizzy.  I didn't have a headache, nor was I nausious so I kept walking.  About 20 minutes later, the vision in my right eye went completely black - I couldn't see out of it.  I literally ran 15 blocks to the hospital where they discovered that my corataid artery had dissected and I needed intervention.  They put in a stent and it didn't work.  Consequently, I had a stroke and went 16 hours without blood flow to the righ side of my brain.  I then had a bypass brain crainatomy which successfully restored blood flow and saved my life.   I was paralyzed on the left side for a week.  I got better and was released from the hospital into rehab. I spent one week inpatient rehab and a month outpatient rehab and made a full recovery!  

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