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John M

June 12, 2015

I am ... A Survivor

Hi.  My name is "Mitch", and I suffered my three strokes on or about December 28, 2009, after a triple bypass operation went bad.  I started a blog at:



which was the National Stroke Foundation, Australia, website and stroke forum.  But that has recently changed format and I can't understand it.  My initial blog started in November, 2011 and finished in April, 2015.  The forum site closed, but you can still read the blog at the above link.

A friend suggested I should start anew on this website, as she regards as a brilliant site.  I was getting upwards of 750 page views of my blog some days (around 250 on average), and I wonder what has happened to all those who used to follow me...

Anyhow, next week I shall crank myself into gear and start blogging here!

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