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Jessica T.

April 20, 2014

I am ... A Survivor

Abused by health care

Stroke caused by birth control pills at age 16...

I started taking birth control pills when I was 15 years old. Only six months later I woke up (after suffering from 27 days of explosive headache, trying to get treatment several times but always became dismissed with the words ''You're stressed out'')

Welll... 11 September 2007, I could not move my arm.

At long last, I got the care I'd needed. But it was one month to late. Instead it caused my brain infarction to become so big that I suffered a very severe stroke.

I will never recover completely, because I've all impairments you can get by a stroke - besides Aphasia.

It took 7 years, during the time I was very mentally abused by health care / doctors that don't know sh*t.

But gladley today, I can finaly feel that I have awesome life quality.

I lecturer (not full time) about my stroke and about the illness, and this year I will published my first book! My big dream!

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