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Janice L.

October 12, 2015

I am ... A Survivor

Hello everyone!  63 years old here, and on July 14 of 2015 I went to Wal-Mart with my 28 year old Son to buy groceries.  Things were going well.  I work in a newborn nursery as a full time R.N.  The two of us were talking about not having Blue Bell ice cream any more in the Dallas area when suddenly I felt strange, as if I was in a dream.  I remember he asked me if I was OK.  Then, nothing.  I woke up as the paramedics were rolling me into an emergency room, and one of them said I had had a seizure.  I somehow knew I had a stroke.  I could move everything, but I had severe vertigo and felt frequently like I was being launched into outer space. And my tongue was so swollen that I had trouble speaking clearly.  

They did a CT scan which was nornal.  But  I gradually felt better after nausea medicine, and they kept me since they thought maybe I had developed epilepsy.

The next day they did an MRI which was normal except for a brand new ischemic stroke in the cerebellum.  I could walk and move and my speech was improved as my tongue healed.  OT, PT, and speech evals were normal.  I am still being treated for seizures because my neurologist says you virtually never have a seizure because of a stroke in the cerebellum.  I stayed home from work for 3 months, and I start back in two  days!  Still  on Lipitor, blood pressure meds, blood thinners, and  keppra.  

I think I am the luckiest worman ever!

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