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Jane M.

May 26, 2015

I am ... A Survivor

That day in May 2008 started like any other spring Saturday. I was off to work at my 2nd job, a job I loved at the local greenhouse. It was Mothers Day weekend and promised to be a busy day. Little did I know, my life would never be "the same".    Just before noon I received word of the tragic death of my thirty five year old nephew. I ran to the other end of the greenhouse to tell my boss I needed to leave and be with my family. She insisted that her daughter drive me to my parents home, just a mile away. I walked to her car and got in for the short ride. By the time we arrived I couldn't get out.  An aneurysm in my brain had ruptured.      Unable to move my right side, I immediately suspected a stroke and called 911 for help.   I spent 3 weeks in the hospital & rehab. I continued PT for months after my release. I am very fortunate to have regained my ability to use both my arm & leg. I have sensory loss down my entire right side and constant pain & heaviness in my leg.  I am able to live alone and perform many of the jobs necessary to maintain it. I have limitations, but prefer to focus on how lucky I am to be alive and how far I've come since that sunny Saturday.

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