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James K.

May 26, 2015

I am ... A Survivor

While in one of the world's best heart hospitals, Texas Heart Institute and St. Lukes Hospital in Houston, TX having an aortic heart valve replacement, I suffered a stroke in the operating room. Actually, my surgeon, again world renowned, decided my carotid artery was dangerously full of plaque. The artery was drained and during that procedure some particulate broke off and proceeded to my brain...STROKE! Due to the great health care, debilitating effects from the event were minimized. Shortly after departing the hospital my insurance carrier dropped me. Having had two open heart operations, a stroke, cancer and hepatitis in ten years, I was deemed uninsurable. Thanks to a reasonable Texas judge, after 18 months of arguing my case, I am now on disability through Social Security and beginning to get the follow up care needed for best results. My constant faith has gotten me through every step of the way and I hope to be able to help others facing the uphill climb necessary to become stronger and more self reliant as they ease on down the path to a state of wellness.

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