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James J.

July 14, 2015

I am ... A Survivor

I had a brain anerisme and I had surgery to repair it. I was told the surgery would be 4 hours. The surgery was 11 hours and I had a stroke, I stayed in the hospital for 225 days and was in a wheelchair. I was told that I would need a nurse to take care of me and that I couldnt do a ton of things. Three years went by and I was very depressed. I desided to start working out, in a wheelchair, could only move one arm and one leg, but I wanted to workout. I was able to workout for one year and came out of my wheelchaire. About 6 months after that I came out of my walker. And 5 more months I came out of my leg brase. I was like oh my God, what can I do for other people. I was able to start a business called BEFITBEABLE.COM.

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