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Genell P.

July 2, 2015

I am ... A Survivor

On 6/15/15 I woke up feeling great, it was a Monday.  I went to work not having any clue that in about 3 hours my life was about to change forever.  Around 2pm as I was working on some reports, my eyes started not being able to focus.  I made the comment to my co-workers that I really need to get my eyes tested and we laughed. At that point I decided to take a break so I went outside and smoked. I know that is bad and no longer smoke, but that is what I did. When I returned to my desk I started to get a headache; then my left side of my lip started to tingle and went numb.  As I sat there I thought I might imagining these symptoms then my left arm started to go numb.  I turned in my chair to look at my co-worker and tried to say that I thought something was wrong with me but I could not get the words to form on my mouth.  She noticed me and asked if I was ok?  I shook my head no and she told me to come wtih her. We went into the conference room and she knew by the way my face looked something was wrong.  She told me to lift my arms out, when I did my left arm fell to my side. She immediately said I'm taking you to the emergency room.  We were at the hospital within 10 minutes.  At registration my co-worker told them my name and my symptoms they took me back.  They ran a CT scan to see if there was any bleeding on my brain, when they saw it was clear I received tPA.  Within 20 to 30 minutes I started feeling in my face and left arm.  I stayed in ICU for 2 days and a regular room for a day.  I went home and was off of work for 2 weeks.  I am currently going to physical therapy and have changed my life 360 degrees. 

Where I work it is mandatory we take a CPR class and get certified, I know that I my co-worker Tiffani saved my life and for that I am forever greatful. I still have some effect from the stroke, I was scared to leave the house the first week, because I thought it was going to happen again. I would burst out crying for no reason at all.  My left side was effected but is getting better everyday. I joined a survivors group on Facebook and that helps with the questions I have. 

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