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Eva K.

August 18, 2015

I am ... A Survivor

Eva K. was born 2 months early, and we knew she would be born with an omphelecle, two thirds of her liver would be outside her body. What we were not prepared for was that shortly after birth at the  Children's Hospital of Philadelphia they discovered she had suffered a Grade 4 hemorrhage, or stroke.  This is the most severe grade and many babies don't survive.  Doctors told us she may never walk, talk or eat by herself.    I'm sure other CP parents are familiar with that prognosis all too well!   She was diagnosed with CP at 9 months, as well as cortical vision, which is still questionable and according to recent exams by specialist is legally blind. Eva also required surgery for brain swelling and a shunt was implanted, followed by a second revision due to failure of shunt.  After a lengthy stay at the neonatal intensive care unit upon returning home We started therapy at 3 months and have worked hard every day!  Eva turned 2 in April, she is sitting by herself, standing, taking steps,  with very little support or sometimes with her walker. Eva is just starting to put together words and phrases but she understands everything!!  This fall she will start preschool.   She has a great sense of humor, is the most sensitive, sweet and determined little girl, and we are so proud!  Never give up.  


Hello there! I'm a fellow survivor and I just wanted to say your daughters story is incredibly inspiring. So you and so determined it brings tears to my eyes I am so glad she's taking those big steps to living life as smoothly as she can and a extremely supportive family go guide her and take care of her. Incredibly inspiring! Sending much affection to you!

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