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January 11, 2011

I am ... A Caregiver or Family Member

My husband George, of 32 yrs had a stroke 2 years ago.He was hospitalized almost an entire year because of the severity of it. He has gained some strength in his arms & legs and is trying to speak, even with his trach. He's made tremendous progress because of his strong will and my willingness to push him as well as with God's help and family support. Being a caregiver for him is a 24 hour job. Sometimes I get 4 hours of sleep a night, other times I get one hr. Because he has a feeding tube, I no longer have to cook everyday. He used to drool over me, now he just drool ON me! As you can see I try to see the lighter side of this whole mess, which we've turned into our MESSage to help others understand that there is hope after stroke and life with a good wife. We've learned that positive attitude goes a long way and its ok to have a bad day sometimes.

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