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Edna O.

July 24, 2015

I am ... A Survivor

One morning I woke up, thought I was dizzy shake it off thinking a boat just passed by that makes the 34 ft Wellcraft cruiser we were on moved .Tried to move my arm  I can't there  was a tingling sensation on  my fingers I ignored it thinking I probably lay down on it while sleeping attempted to moved my arm again I can't make me wonder what's going on? Tried to moved my left leg I can't my right side  was moving .Now; not sure if I am stroking attempted to find my phone I can't reached it. To make sure it's not what I was diagnosing myself I tried to get up moving  by using my right hand grasping the cushion of boat's  front berth's  as I reached the edge of the berth my left side carried me down got scared realizing now that I really did stroked out thanks' God   that my right side is strong  gripping strongly the edge of the berth but  not able to do it I slowly lowered myself bending my right knee lowering my right side towards my right side down to floor  grabbed the carpet tried to pull my body crawling to get out to  call for help my face feeling warm from the effort of moving forward  know I'm starting  to feel short of  air scared to die like that  with nobody around  I lay myself on my side  so if I get unconscious my tongue won't block my airway  I started to take slow deep breaths till I get a  little calmer. I heard a noise coming up lift my head tried to call loudly help! Help! Seeing my husband's face like I'm rushing time to moved get help, he said honey! What happened what is you doing on the floor I said hurry call 911 and this is the start of my journey.

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