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January 13, 2011

I am ... A Survivor

My name is Shemaqua in Shawnee; aka Don Warden. I'm a professional Living Historian, Scouter (I'm a Boy Scout instructor for the Indian Lore Merit Badge and Indian crafts in general) and STROKE SURVIVOR. I'm nominating myself as an advocate for Stroke A Survivor. I recognize that my physical disabilities are not as severe as many. I do have some diminished strength all over my body with mobility issues on my left side. My memories of 40 years ago are intact, 4 years ago are fuzzy, 40 minutes ago was about the time I started composing this letter and I've had to go back twice to remember what I was typing and who it was to. When I had my 1st of several strokes in May of 2007 I was getting ready to go to Camp for 8 weeks, something I have been doing for years. I didn't make it that year and I was told by medical professionals that I may never make it again. With much hard work by both me and my PHYSICAL THERAPIST I did make it back in 08 despite a 2nd stroke at Easter of that year. Since that time I have had a couple of more strokes and in spite of that I made it back to camp in 09, 10, and am starting a new program for the summer of 2011. It has taken some fighting with Scout officials and demonstration of abilities and guts but I've made it back.

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