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Debbie, Julie and Susan

January 13, 2011

I am ... A Healthcare Professional or Support Group

I would also like to nominate Julie Dominik OT/L and Susan Hundley PT. I am a speech pathologist. The three of us have facilited and organzied our local support group for the last 16 years. A little backround about our group "The Lucky Strokes". We started out with only 4-5 female stroke A Survivor and have grown to approximately 20-30 members stroke A Survivor and caregivers . We meet monthly and discuss current stroke research, advancements in medical and rehabilitation treatments, bring in community speakers and have several social outings per year. During these meetings the members offer a safe, supportive, caring and compassionate situation where stroke A Survivor can voice fears, frustrations and joys. After each meeting I know that we all leave inspired by our group members.My co workers have been there consistently without fail. We do this on our own time. I am always amazed by their compassion, hard work and dedication to this group as their patients as well as our friends. Memebers come and go as their emotional needs are met.We feel very fortunate to have gotten involved in great service we are able to provide

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