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Danielle R.

August 7, 2015

I am ... A Survivor

The entire month of December I had been useless due to head aches so bad I would beat my head against the wall. my local hospital stuck me in a dark room and left me there then sent me home with an ati nausea med that is known to cause severe drowsiness in pregnant women which I was pregnant. On Janurary 2, 2013 I woke up like any other day. My boyfriend brought me left overs from the night before in bed and we just hung out for a little bit. When I went to sit after he left the room I had trouble and remember calling out for help and I noticed that I spit oout of the right corner of my mouth and my boyfriend running in asking what I needed and I told him I need to sit up,  I remember I had checked my calander to see how far along I was and I was 10 weeks into my pregnancy. I remember my boyfriend helping me lay back down and looking at me and saying " I think you are having a stroke." I remembr crawling to the edge of the bed and standing up and loosing my balance as I was prone to and him helping me get dressed and picking me up and taking me to the car. I remember that as he went back into the house for a second unbuckling my seat belt and leaning out of the car to throw up, but as soon he dealt with that I only remmeber bits and pieces like a nurse at my local hospital getting in my face and yelling at me to stop yelling which I dont remember doing. I remember asking to roll over and being told no as I was going to be put in a helicopter as I was being life flited to a bigger hospital that could handle my case. Once I woke up again I was in a hopital bed in a room. None of my doctors would really talk to me, they alwyas addressed my boyfriend and I got very limited information from him. I was taught how to walk again and released. I slowly got all the information that my stroke was caused by a PFO (a hole in my heart) and that they had manually gone in and removed the clot and placed a stint to save my baby and I.  I could no longer type when I first left the hospital. I couldnt evn hold paper in my left hand. I rememeber sitting down at a computer one night determined to reteach myself how to type as I was not going ot be held back. I wanted to be a normal 20 year old woman so I didnt want to let the stroke tell me no I cant. I delivered my son, andd sent him with his adoptive family and procedded to have another baby, this one a girl a year later with my Fiance. I will be getting treatment for spacticity on my daughters 1st birthday so that I can start to walk better again.  My local hospital claims to be a stroke center yet when I went with some one with a history of TIA's her doctor in the Er said that she couldnt be having them as she was to young. Dont let anyone tell you that you are too young. I was a 20 year old woman in my prime, I had been fit enough for the navy,  Was an outgoing active young woman. I hope my story helps someone. 

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