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Claudia B.

August 13, 2015

I am ... A Caregiver or Family Member

When I was younger I only want to be mother. With a lot of difficultes in 2005 I had a girl. But life rewarded me again in 2011 when I had a boy. Taiel, my son was a lovely baby and he had 1 and a half year when he had a stroke. At first time, any doctor in my city can explain what was happened but life of my son was  in danger. I remember that I felt like the pain traversed my body and my soul!. But quickly I recovered and I decided fight for my child with all my forces!. I never gave up and I never give up now!. I take him to every therapy and every place to play. I live supported by his smile. Now, he has 3 and a half year and he is my world. He is a survivor and I am a survivor too, because I really felt death fearing lossing my son. I learned so much and I teach to him to smile a lot and to live every day!

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