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Brenda K

January 23, 2015

I am ... A Survivor

I had not been sleeping for 3 days. I was having severe stomach pains. I was 38 weeks pregnant with undiagnosed severe preeclampsia.

Labor day, my midwife decided to induce. After 5 hours of labor our baby girl Rebecca was born not breathing. They sent her into NICU. I stayed in bed and slept. My parents stopped by to check in on me. I tried talking, but my speach was mumbled. I asked, "Why do I sound like a stroke victim".

The midwife started doing the FAST checks. I was then sent into the ER where they diagnosed me with a Hemorrhagic Stroke on the right side. I spent 2 weeks in the hospital ICU trying to get blood pressure down and stop the bleeding. All the while my husband was going back and forth from me to the baby. Rebecca only lived for 6 days. She never woke up, I got to hold her once.

We then spent 8 weeks in intensive inpatient therapy, 3 hours drive from home. When we started, I couldn't sit up straight on my own. I set a goal to walk out of the hospital, and I did.


I am so sorry for your loss but happy for your recovery. 

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