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January 22, 2011

I am ... A Survivor

Hello my name is Bailey Carlson and I am became a survivor of a stroke in September, 2010. I was 16 when I had the stroke. After school one day, there were call-backs for theater and I was getting ready. Then randomly i got a little dizzy and fell down. I don't really remember most of the first two weeks i was in the hospital but people have told me stories. From my mom i heard that they didn't believe that i had a stroke at first! They thought is was something that dealt with stress, maybe drugs. My parents did not believe that! I had a CAT scan in emergency room that looked ok so the dr. sent me to a pediatric hospital. My parents wanted an MRI but doctors didn't think it was needed. My dad, who is definitely a penny pincher, told the doctor that he'd even pay cash for an MRI! Finally they had a neurologist look at me who knew right away it was a stroke. The MRI shaowed it was from a clot in the middle carotid artery. After those first 3 days i was sent to a rehabilitation center to start therapy. My whole right side was paralyzed and i could not talk. I still can't use my right arm that much and i have some problems with my leg but I'm getting better. I am talking now and back in school with therapy just two days a week. I hope that others who have had strokes find hope in my survival story.

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