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Anita S.

January 12, 2011

I am ... A Survivor

February 2006 Anita experienced a very painful headache, flu-like symptoms, lost memory and speech, and started slurring her words. After starting medication we would see improvement daily. Simple things became new to her. Every night at bedtime I would tell her that she had a stroke. She told me she had not prayed. I told her that she and I had prayed to God every day and night. I found the National Stroke Association site and signed up for Stroke Smart. The information was very helpful through these difficult times. She learned ABC's and numbers with flashcards. She played kid's games and even colored in coloring books. She wanted to learn everything. For two years she was like a little two year old child. She was afraid to ride in the car. If something scared her, she would cry like a little child. She learned to read and enjoyed reading articles in Stroke Smart Magazine. She commented that the articles were about her. She's improved very remarkably. She enjoys life, loves to talk to people about her situation and likes to help others that are going through the same problems. She encourages people to keep on keeping on. Nita says the key to recovery for those that have suffered memory loss is to start teaching them simple things immediately and be patient with them. I am very blessed that she is still with me today. Neurologist Dr. Abdul Kadir calls her his miracle patient. She is very excited, February is her five year anniversary!!!!! Eugene Smith Anita's husband.

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