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Lori U
A Survivor

i was a newlywed of just 10 weeks when i stroked at the age of 39 i was working as a clinical audiologist in an ENT office. i had a new house, new car, new husband in general i great life.

Pamela C
A Survivor

I suffered a stroke on September 17,2005. I had no known risk factors when I suffered the stroke. With the knowledge I gained after the stroke I realized I suffered a TIA.

Renee N
A Survivor

On April 30 of 2009 I experienced a stroke. My roommate was home and found me and quickly called 911. I am a single mother of two children, Takoda (10) and Malakai (7), My family was amazing.

Ruth A
A Survivor

I am fortunate to be alive due to the quick response of my husband who recognized the signs of stroke. we were playing tennis when he noticed my face and left side beginning to droop.

Edee T
A Survivor

In, 2004 at the age of 39 I went to a doctor for 1 year telling him I didn't feel well. I was told it was depression and put on medication.

Bruce L
A Survivor

I was 55 years old, the State Park Superintendent of Redwood National and State Park in California. I didn't have any of standard risk factors for stroke.

Kate C
A Survivor

On March 2, 2009 at the age of 38, I had an ischemic stroke that paralyzed the right side of my body, impaired my speech, memory, and vision, and left me hospitalized for a month.

Anita S
A Survivor

February 2006 Anita experienced a very painful headache, flu-like symptoms, lost memory and speech, and started slurring her words. After starting medication we would see improvement daily.

Mark P
A Caregiver or Family Member

My dad had a stroke on June 2,2010...we (my family) are in the midst of havinf him relearn how to walk and regain the use of his left arm.


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