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David P
A Survivor

Danny had a stroke about one year ago. Despite great difficulty he continues to persevere and maintain a positive outlook.

Damont G
A Survivor

Damont Goolsby had a fruitful life. He graduated from Morehouse College, Damont held a great job, enjoyed a lively social status and seemed to be in perfect health.

Yvonne H
A Survivor

Avi Golden is a remarkable advocate of aphasia awareness, as well as driven to help people with stroke (and other forms of disabilities) to enjoy the outdoors, despite physical and cognitive disabi

Thomas H
A Healthcare Professional or Support Group

Assisted in the development of EMS Stroke Triage Guidelines for the State of NJ. Created education material that is utilized by the 61 stroke coordinators through out the state.

Joe U
A Healthcare Professional or Support Group

Years ago I experienced an epiphany when one my mentors opened my eyes to field of neurorehabilitation.

Jane V
A Survivor

While on the operating table having my aortic and mitral valves replaced I had a stroke. This was in late June 1999. After a week hospitalized I went to Health South, a rehab facility.

Kate C
A Survivor

On March 2, 2009 at the age of 38, I had an ischemic stroke that paralyzed the right side of my body, impaired my speech, memory, and vision, and left me hospitalized for a month.

Anita S
A Survivor

February 2006 Anita experienced a very painful headache, flu-like symptoms, lost memory and speech, and started slurring her words. After starting medication we would see improvement daily.

Mark P
A Caregiver or Family Member

My dad had a stroke on June 2,2010...we (my family) are in the midst of havinf him relearn how to walk and regain the use of his left arm.


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