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Mary Kay B
A Survivor

by: Michelle Ballasiotes I'm a stroke survivor, but I'm only 13 years-old. My stroke happened before birth, so I've been a stroke survivor all my life!

Sharon F
A Caregiver or Family Member

I lost my Dad's parents to stroke and my Mom's Dad to stroke. It runs in the family. 2 years ago both my parents had open heart surgery.

Patricia F
A Survivor

I suffered a traumatically induced stroke at the age of 20 following a automobile accident. I suffered seizures for several years. I've lost total use of my hand.

Tony W
A Survivor

At age 43ingood health I suffered a massive stroke while sleeping. I spent 2 weeks in I C U and 12 weeks in a rehah Hospital.In the hospital my weight dropped from 290pounds to 215 pounds.

Donald W
A Survivor

My name is Shemaqua in Shawnee; aka Don Warden.

Lea L
A Survivor

I am a four year survivor, I'm involved in two stroke groups. I've keep going on and on to try improve my disabilities.I've had brain surgery to clamp another anyursm in Oct.2009.

Janice B
A Survivor

As a Speech Pathologist, I experienced a hemmorhagic stroke in 1992. Following rehab, I returned to my job in the schools 6 mo. post stroke until my retirement in 2001.

Debbie A
A Healthcare Professional or Support Group

I would also like to nominate Julie Dominik OT/L and Susan Hundley PT. I am a speech pathologist. The three of us have facilited and organzied our local support group for the last 16 years.

Alice N
A Survivor

I have been a registered nurse for 29 years. 22 of those years I spent working in critical care. I took care of many stroke patients but never expected to be one myself.


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