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Kellie R
A Survivor

Kellie suffered a massive left-brain stroke on Nov 11,2009, at age 32.

Julie D
A Survivor

Fay had a stroke some 17 years ago at the age of 49 which affected her left side of her body. At that time, she was an LPN at an area nursing home and loved her job.

Kristi O
A Survivor

Bob Miller does a phenomenal job at providing stroke support everyday. He had a bleed in 06 and a clot in one of his hemispheres also.

Amanda L
A Survivor

I am nomminating my mom who is a brain stem locked in stroke surviver. She has overcome everything to be an independant woman and not the vegtable that the hospital predicted.

Candra K
A Survivor

I am a stroke survivor, my stroke happend in 2001 when I was ten, Now ten years later, my stroke still affects me, I am a hemiplegic, with out the use of my right arm, I finished up high school and

Kimberly F
A Survivor

I was a very active, independent, busy lover of life. The day of my Hemorraghic Stroke was 9/11/07. I lost my whole left side. I was preparing to do an event for 100 people.

Lindsay P
A Healthcare Professional or Support Group

Everything had stopped. My care-free, teenage years were gone. I was the invincible 16-year-old no longer.

Azriah P
A Survivor

Hellen Mohamed who is my mom suffered two strokes in may 2001. She wasa diagnosed with vasculitis.

Trish C
A Survivor

My husband had a stroke on October 26, 2008. He was unable to use his left arm, walk, and his speech was affected. The stroke occurred in Las Vegas while at a office products trade show.


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