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Chloe B
A Survivor

It all started on first of October, I came home from work as usual and was just about to go to Joes (my boyfriend's), when I put my dressing gown on and lost the whole sensation of my right ar

Brandy K
A Survivor

I had my stroke when I was 39 and am still recovering by the grace of God

It  is a long road I am beliveing in God.

The only thing I am unable to do as of yet is drive and cook.

Rachel G
A Survivor

Some may know my story, some may not, but this past year has been a journey and a learning experience to say the least.

Deanna C

My name is Deanna Coopersmith-Marquez and I am the President of the non-profit organization, The Scott Coopersmith Stroke Awareness Foundation, created in honor of my late husband, Scott.  On the n

Marilyn C
A Survivor

I had my stroke almost one year ago. I had just gone to bed after working 16 hours at the nursing home where I'm the weekend supervisor. Shortly after going to bed my right hand started tingling.

Jo-Ann V
A Caregiver or Family Member

Susan…My Stroke Hero, Angel!

Tim S
A Survivor

My name is Tim Schumacher, I was 47 yrs old and here is my story.  On Dec 5th, 2015, I was playing with my 10yr old son in the basement and started talking weird.

Brandy T
A Survivor

I started having pain, numbness, and necrotic tissue un one if my fingers.

Paul G
A Survivor

My name is Paul Groseclose and I suffered a Stroke on February 23, 2016 at the age of 13.


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