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Jo-Ann  V
A Caregiver or Family Member

Susan…My Stroke Hero, Angel!

Alaina A
A Survivor


Danielle W
A Survivor

I had a stroke September 16. I was sleep and woke up because I fell off my bed. it took me about 45 minutes to get back in bed.

Donald G
A Survivor

Hello my name is Donald Gaskins, age 56 and a stroke survivor times two. First stroke was June 2014, a Hemorrhagic stroke on left side of body.

Carena L
A Survivor

My life changed on January 30, 2006. I was at work hosting a meeting when I began stumbling over my words. My tongue felt swollen so I continued stumbling as I read.

Joseph R
A Survivor

I had my stroke in April of 2015 in the early afternoon while on a train home from work.

Mason F

Mason F.

English 1021

My Dad’s Stroke

Jason D
A Survivor

I was 12 years old. (I am 26 now) I was living in Olympia, WA when it happend. The scariest thing was that it happend in my sleep. When I awoke, I felt as if my right arm was asleep.

Rick P
A Survivor


My Stroke story  Botox and upper limb spacicity

Janury 28,2017

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