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Rodney C
A Survivor

My name is Rodney and I am a survivor. I had a ' Lacunar Pontine Infarct '. Better known as a Pons Stroke. I was a 53 year old in great shape.

Ron L
A Survivor

Our therapy dog travels ministers to stroke patients and assist in their recovery with the unconditional love of a dog.

Moe D
A Survivor

On July 17, 2017 I experienced something like no other. I was sleeping on the floor and my sister was on the bed. I remember waking up with the worst pain I've ever felt.

Janice L
A Survivor

My stroke had no face, no warning. It was silent. I was 47, I had put in a long day at the desk job. By the time I got home from work, routine stuff, dinner, clean up and the relax watching TV.

Yvonne  K
A Survivor

I had lived my life as a fearless,full of energy,optimistic person,with high initiative,often in excess (as I had been told),perhaps a bit careless,bold to the point of ignoring danger.Well,I was b

Jane M
A Survivor

November 15 around 1am I woke myself because I could hear myself making odd noise and rolloing my head back and forth.

Jayne C
A Survivor

I had a stroke 12/17/14 on my right side. I am still recovery, still working on my right hand for more flexibility & strength. I am living on my own in my apartment.

Stephanie L
A Survivor

I am a healthy & seemingly normal 32 year old wife and mother of 3 ! I took a break to walk around the capitol with a co worker when I started getting vision changes....

Sara L
A Survivor

Hi there I'm 26 and I had a TIA.


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