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Phillip K
A Healthcare Professional or Support Group

New Hope After Stroke

Brenda B
A Caregiver or Family Member

My New Life with my Hubby

Hello my name is Brenda. My husband had a stroke on June 02 /05, Neil was 49 years old.

Mick K
A Survivor

Aiming to Aid Recovery

My story started on April 3rd 2007, when I suffered a severe cerebral haemorrhage stroke whilst driving.

Cheryl L
A Survivor

I was a very active 43 year old. Married for 23 years to a man that is absolutely amazing. Three children 26, 22, and 21 and two grandsons. But I was always in a rush for everything.

Tracey E
A Survivor

I got out the bed early in the morning. I had a very bad headache that didn't feel right.

John M
A Survivor

"Hey Arthur! Let's go take a shower." Arthur had been my Occupational Therapist at the hospital helping me relearn how to shower and do other daily tasks.

Mark E
A Survivor

On August 2,2013 while getting ready for bed, I felt sick and was in the bathroom and felt the need to vomit, suddenly I had a pounding headache that just got more severe, I fell to the ground in e

Iola C
A Survivor

On Apr 9th, 2013 I was in Philadelphia, PA (for work) just sitting down for dinner with my boss and co-worker around 8:30 pm. It was a beautiful warm spring night.

Beverley F
A Survivor

I was born and raised in Southern California, earned BA and MFA degrees from San Diego State University and Colorado State University, respectively, and, haphazardly through my art, began a long ca


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