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Denise H
A Survivor

I've been meaning to tackle this subject for several months on this blog. And the further in time I move away from "it", the less I want to talk about it anymore.

Robert F
A Survivor

I am the author,The Power of I Believe, a Christian-themed book written to help stroke A Survivor and others touched by a disability regain their faith and strength as they recover and move forward

Joseph S
A Survivor

I'll miss the stroke.

Krissy S
A Survivor

To take a walk in my shoes please read on... it's quite the story.

Rebekah H
A Survivor

I am 25 years old, and my stroke happened while I was at school this past June. My husband and I are both ESL teachers in South Korea.

Barbara E
A Caregiver or Family Member

Looking back, August 2003 became a nightmare for me. My husband Tom had a brain stem stroke. I was out at a garage sale and came home to find an ambulance in our front yard.

Ryan F
A Survivor

I was 36 years old and leading an unhealthy lifestyle. I did not exercise, was not eating right, had high blood pressure and was overweight...a recipe for disaster.

Katie S
A Survivor

Tyler born @29wks 5 days 6/4/11, spent 1st 15 months 10 days of life solid in hospital. Most compleex cardiac and respiratory case Eveline and Gosh in London have seen in 10 years.

James T
A Survivor

My name is James Tisdale. I had my stroke on September 24, 2011 at the age of 45.


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