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Dorothy B
A Caregiver or Family Member

Fear of stroke

Tony A
A Survivor

1 year later

Jonathan N
A Survivor

Aphasia and Stroke

Moderate receptive and severe expressive aphasia.

Aphasia :- living 43

stroke and Aphasia.

2010 car.

5 day coma.

Chelsey H
A Survivor

22 years old and beyond blessed

Stroke numbers rising among young people

Jessica T
A Survivor

Abused by health care

Stroke caused by birth control pills at age 16...

Lauren C
A Survivor

15 year old stroke survivor

Lori K
A Survivor

The Best and Worst Vacation of My Life

Liane W
A Survivor

Another Bump in the Road

Doreen H
A Caregiver or Family Member

Gone Too Soon

I never even thought of stroke until it affected me.


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