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Curtis P
A Survivor

Hope After Stroke

Doyle F
A Survivor

Pain. That was the only warning sign, pain in my neck that just kept getting worse.

Leonard B
A Survivor

Two weeks after my 30th birthday I experienced an unusual headache, which I initially believed to be a symptom of my cold and passed it off as another migraine.  However, unlike past migraines, new

Linda C

The Stroke

By Boyce Fullmer as told to Linda Chism

Michael M
A Survivor

Unlikely Survivor

I should not be here to tell this story but I am so I hope those who read it enjoy.

Samantha B
A Survivor



Marlin  F
A Survivor

On November 15 th I suffered a stroke that has changed my life.  Thankful for my Wife and Daughter I was rushed to the Hospital for help.  Time is Brain.  

Pamela H
A Survivor

Headaches began tormenting me in the Summer of 2008.  They would come on suddenly as if I was being hit in the back of the neck with a 2x4 was the best way I could describe it.  They would come and

Lindsay D
A Survivor

On April 16, 2017, Easter Sunday, I was very sick and having trouble breathing.


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