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Marla K
A Caregiver or Family Member

Going to the grocery store is a daunting chore for many. The high shelves, the long checkout lines, these things can frustrate even the most level headed individual.

emily d
A Survivor

One month prior to my stroke I had a full blood panel and physical. Everything was as it should be, within normal limits and healthy.

Valerie G
A Survivor

Hi, my name is Valerie. I was a professional singer and also a lawyer, and a proud voting member of the Grammy's. I'm 42 with no health issues.

Marla K
A Healthcare Professional or Support Group

In my opinion, there are two approaches to aphasia therapy: treating the deficit and treating life participation.

David M
A Survivor

I went to my local ER on August 5 2013 with sudden onset of dizziness. I was evaluated by on call doctor he told me I had vertigo and to go home and rest.

Marla K

I am 67 years old. I attended Wilkes University where I wrestled and got a degree in teaching history. I taught history for 30 years. I coached and refereed wrestling most of those years.

Toni H
A Survivor

I do the Impossible All The Time!

Valerie S
A Survivor

June 2014 is the one year after my "accident." I got up. Took my girls to school, cleaned and got tired. Did a nap and when I got up I couldn't speak.

Juan E
A Survivor

A young journalist fights to prove those who doubted him wrong


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