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Al R
A Survivor

I had a TIA in Walmart one night.  My left leg was weak, I was sweating, my voice was

Thomas M
A Survivor

I have been Blessed to have survived my Stroke in 1992 @ the age of 35.

John J
A Survivor

I had a minor stroke at home.  It left some nerve damage.  I have been dealing with dizzyness as well as some

Richard C
A Survivor

I am an 11 year stroke survivor.  I noticed numbness at the corner of my mouth(rig

Rachel K
A Survivor

I was in college just finished my last final of my sophmore year at Norhtern IL University the day before I suffered a massive stroke.  My mother was with me at the time I had the stroke and called

Thomas H
A Survivor

I suffered a right-sided ischemic stroke (carotid dissection) on Aug. 3, 2007 at the age of 35.

Richard S
A Survivor

Had massive hemorrhagic stroke while at work- July 2009, surgery done that night to remove over

Cheryl M
A Survivor

I had a brain stem stroke with locked in syndrome 11-14-2001 at age 31 and spent 5 1/2 months in various hospitals paralyzed from the neck down.

Douglas A
A Survivor

In April of 2004 I had a carotid dissection and wound up in the Neuro ICU with


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