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Duane H
A Survivor

On the 28th. Nov 2002 had two strokes.The first occurred about3 A.M. and the 2nd. occurred about 2000 (8 P.M>).

Karen J
A Healthcare Professional or Support Group

At the surprising age of 36, I had a stroke.  Having been a nurse for more than 15 years and with 2 young girls and a loving husband, this was the last thing I ever expected to experience at this a

Emily B
A Survivor

Before I was twenty years old, I had survived three strokes.  These strokes completely changed my life, but it was being a stroke survivor that has completely changed me.  I couldn't help that I ha

James K
A Survivor

While in one of the world's best heart hospitals, Texas Heart Institute and St. Lukes Hospital in Houston, TX having an aortic heart valve replacement, I suffered a stroke in the operating room.

Frances A
A Survivor

I was at work. Had a headache for several days. I was eating tylenols and the headache would not stop. I went to the doctor and my bloodsugar was  13 way over the norm.

Maureen F
A Survivor

March 21, 2007 I suffered from a major stroke and was told I may neve

Edward C
A Survivor

I have two strokes at two solstices three and a half years apart. I did not notice either until I went in to find out what was wrong.

Debra A
A Survivor

I suffered a right hemisphere ischemic stroke 3 years ago, at the age of 47.

Melody B
A Survivor

I am 30 years old - I was 24 at stroke, and two days first anniversary, April 2005.


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