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Shelly B
A Survivor

I am 44 yrs old and survived a right cerebral artery CVA on 10/06/10, which I almost died from, and which left me with left-sided

Glaidice P
A Survivor

On New Years Eve 2003, I was a very happy camper in that my love of one year had  asked me to marry him and we had planned to announce it to his family at dinner that night.  While getting dressed

Jennifer K
A Survivor

On November 16, 2010 my life changed drastically.    I never thought I would need to recognize the

Julie C
A Survivor

My name is Julie Curtis, im 28..last year at 27 I had 3 strokes. They have no idea why. I had just moved with my husband at the time to Corpus Christi Texas. We'd been there two weeks.

Gloria K
A Survivor

I am 52 and have suffered 2 minor strokes. Being an Army Veteran and physically active my entire life, I didn't think it possible for me to have a stroke.

Mark M
A Survivor

It was November 15, 2005.

That was the date of my stroke.

Betsy V
A Survivor

I am a mother of two wonderful young girls (8 and 5), a wife to an incredibly supportive husband, a daughter to the most amazing parents one could ask for, a friend of many, a passionate runner, an

Bill S
A Caregiver or Family Member

On January 18, 2014 my mother had a devastating stroke.

ames j
A Survivor

I had a brain anerisme and I had surgery to repair it. I was told the surgery would be 4 hours.


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