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Denna W
A Survivor

Newport News service dog faithfully serves stroke survivor

William D
A Healthcare Professional or Support Group

Since 2006 i have been an active member, and now president.

Pamela B
A Survivor

At age 43,I suffered a hemorragic stroke. I had no previous health problems and no warnings.

Lori U
A Survivor

i was a newlywed of just 10 weeks when i stroked at the age of 39 i was working as a clinical audiologist in an ENT  office.  i  had a new house, new car, new husband in general i great life.

Courtney B
A Survivor

My name is Courtney B., 56, Black Male recently had a stroke on Labor Day, recognize the symptoms had been educated by WebMD, my stroke cause by unmanaged

Linda F
A Survivor

I had my stroke in Montana, the day after my nephews wedding at Glacier National Park.

Kathleen E
A Survivor

On 13 July 2005, I suffered a horrific stroke. It was a left sided CVA, leaving me unable to use my R side, I lost the ability to speak, I could not remember my children's names.

Duane H
A Survivor

On the 28th. Nov 2002 had two strokes.The first occurred about3 A.M. and the 2nd. occurred about 2000 (8 P.M>).

Karen J
A Healthcare Professional or Support Group

At the surprising age of 36, I had a stroke.  Having been a nurse for more than 15 years and with 2 young girls and a loving husband, this was the last thing I ever expected to experience at this a


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