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Nancy N
A Survivor

I had a stroke on May 20,2012.

Nancy B
A Survivor

Everything happened so quickly. One minute I was outside having coffee, and prayers then all of the sudden I felt a pop in my head.  I called for my son to come quick. My head started to hurt.

Edna O
A Survivor

One morning I woke up, thought I was dizzy shake it off thinking a boat just passed by that makes the 34 ft Wellcraft cruiser we were on moved .Tried to move my arm  I can't there  was a

Elizabeth D
A Survivor

I had a major stroke in 2008.

Joan B
A Survivor

I had my stroke 3-30-99. I worked full-time from 89-1-99 to 8-1-08.

Rachel H
A Survivor

At th age of 33, I was a wife to a beloved husband and mother of two beautiful young children.  I was submerged in my profession as a paralegal.  I was training with my husband for my first half ma

David K
A Survivor

my stroke occurred in April of2009.I am currently working again and have returned to most of my prestroke level of

Shelly B
A Survivor

I am 44 yrs old and survived a right cerebral artery CVA on 10/06/10, which I almost died from, and which left me with left-sided

Glaidice P
A Survivor

On New Years Eve 2003, I was a very happy camper in that my love of one year had  asked me to marry him and we had planned to announce it to his family at dinner that night.  While getting dressed


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