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Alejandra H
A Survivor

Hello everyone, my name is alejandra i am a 29 year old stroke survivor, the day i suffered my stroke i was with some friends o e of them had asked me fr a ride to run an arrand as i was dri ing i

John F
A Survivor

On June 6th, 2018 my world changed in an instant. Having worked in the structural pest control industry for 30 years I was acclimated to varying outdoor temperatue conditions.

Ericson S
A Survivor


Sonyia S
A Survivor

Hi my name is Sonyia Smith Griffin I'am 34 years old and I'm a stroke survivor. On May 26, 2017 me and my family ws leaving Mcdonads in I remember telling my niece i feel like I'm about to faint.

Ebony T
A Survivor

EBONY- The story of a young stroke survivor I am Ebony, a mother, an artist and a stroke survivor. I want to take a moment to tell you about my journey of recovery.

Sandy H
A Survivor

I had my stroke at 57, cerebellum that left my left side weak and memory and cognitive problems. But I came home determined to become 100 percent again.

Mayda G
A Survivor

At age 41, I survived an AVM/Stroke I had to basically relearn all the necessities needed for life. Now at age 51, I’m independent once more and living to tell my story.

A Survivor

Stroke Survivor. Hi, I'm Brad.62yo I had my stroke 4th of July weekend 2013 (57yo) what a mess. I didn't know what FACE was. I wish I did.

Matthew D
A Survivor

I am a 37 year old firefighter from Milwaukee. I am married with one son. In January of 2018, i had an ischemic stroke while on duty at the firehouse.


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