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Troy K
A Survivor

Dear readers,

A Survivor

One morning, something was very wrong with me.

Maria H
A Survivor

Five years ago I gave birth to my daughter.

Luis L
A Survivor

I am 35 years old, been healthy my whole life, and suffered a stroke November 10, 2015. My stroke experience was very traumatic but I survived without any major complications and no disabilities.

Amber V
A Survivor

My story starts on a softball field in 2004 at age 14. My symptoms are as followed: sick to my stomach, brain freeze, ringing in ears, ability to walk, and slurred speech.

Raphael D
A Survivor

It was the summer of 2014. My small, seasonal business was booming and our young family of four was joyously expecting a new addition.

Lee S
A Survivor

survivor.” This is how I usually begin many of my conversation now-a-days with friends, family, and other stroke victims.

Kenneth Y
A Survivor

It was the morning of August 10 woke up and went to wash my face and was dizzy and speech was way off felt like I was on drugs and I don't drink or do drugs went to work and felt the same way all d

Stefanie  C
A Survivor

I'm writing this story following a 30-minute walk and 20-minute elliptical session at the gym.


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