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Terry B
A Caregiver or Family Member

Jake was 16 months old when he started acting sick. He had a fever of 104, slept for 36 hours straight, and kept walking into things on his left side.

A Survivor

People are in disbelieve that I made it through this event. It started in July of 2018 when I had the worst headache of my life cliche.

Terry G
A Survivor

I was 41 when i had my first stroke and im now 42. I have apparently had a couple of thrm. My vision is impaired and my memory is terrible.

Gary N
A Survivor

I’m 63 years old, and I’ve been retired for 1 ½ years. Saturday, July 14, 2018, started perfectly normal. I drove to the new Raleigh Union Station.

Kay R

Kay Francis Rocekfeller-Tieman 1934-2018

Bambi T

Charles Robert Tieman 1958-2017


alex r
A Caregiver or Family Member




Gina B
A Caregiver or Family Member

My dad, Danny Brown, had a stroke six years ago at age 61. Physically, he's in the best shape since high school, but he suffered cognitive effects that have altered his life, our life. 

Lorissa C
A Survivor

I'm a 37 year old female now. I had a brainstem stroke on Sept 10 2016 when I was 35. I had went to New York City to participate in a 5k with my best friend It was a hot day.


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